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Yerevan Zipline Airlines: Where Fantasy Becomes Reality


I received an offer to fly along the region’s longest zipline. Extreme, adrenaline and sharp emotions were, in fact, missing in my life. In fact, I can not describe how much I am afraid of it.

The two runways are 1.5 kilometers together and is the only one in the world that goes under a bridge.

I don’t feel anything but height. During my flight, I was able to experience four states of mind. The Davtashen Bridge was conquered and, it was time to have a breath of fresh air, but my speed slowed down, and the time along with myself remained suspended from the wire.

There was nothing to worry about as the staff here were experienced in their work, and in a minute I felt the strength of the soil beneath my feet. Yerevan Zipline corresponds to the all international standards of extreme attractions, whether it’s in regards to safety measures or necessary equipment.

First, I familiarized myself with the safety rules, conditions of participation and signed an agreement because there are contraindications. Ziplining is not recommended for people with cardiovascular illnesses and some other diseases. And in case I falsely filled out the application, I bear all the responsibility.

The creators of the Yerevan Zipline Airways are Zhirayr Musheghyan and Mikhail Yurtaev. The latter’s proposal was to create a zipline that would pass under the bridge. The same guy is the co-creator of the first zipline in Armenia. Jirayr remembers that when they were going to build the zipline they faced a number of problems. There was no specialist in the field who would make a clear calculation of the construction. Participating in a number of international trainings has helped Armenia to present itself to the world with a unique tour and one that is most likely to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Yerevan Zipline does not have age limits, the smallest customer here is a one-year-old child and the oldest is a 85-year-old man.

Today, virtual reality-based flights are also available. The founders realized that after a few flights some sort of novelty was needed, and the best solution was to use virtual reality.

Thanks to Yerevan Zipline Airlines, virtual reality has ceased to be merely a fantastic dream and now anyone can dive into the exciting world of digital mirages.

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Photos by Arthur Stepanyan





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