A few know that the design and construction outline of Stepanakert was created by Alexander Tamanian.  All the later designs kept Tamanian’s structure as well.  There are many sights in Stepanakert worth to visit, however, this time I will present ones I would really recommend my close people visiting.  The locals are amiable, so if you think that you’re lost in the small streets, ask them, they will help for sure. Some will even accompany you to your destination, and that happened with me.

Do not be confused to hear them speaking in a dialect, they adore it, but if needed, they will switch to literary Armenian. People of Artsakh have 65 local dialects. Rich history, fascinating language, delicious meals… You only need to walk around Stepanakert and enjoy what you see and what happens to you.

“Kharabakh Carpet” , Stepanakert

Tumanian Str. 115/5 building

Carpet making culture has its deep roots in Artsakh.  Not surprisingly old carpets from Artsakh are being represented in the world’s various museums today.  Every carpet has its history behind, unique colors and typical patterns.  By the way, everything is from Artsakh from scratch to the product.

The Marketplace

It’s definitely not a good walk if you are hungry. The most colorful, tasty and culturally rich spot of the tour is Stepanakert’s marketplace. I go there at almost every occasion.  You can find zhingyalov hats in one corner, the whole collection of dried fruits in another and the delicious pickles in the back part. To cut in short, all goods of Artsakh in one place.  The marketplace isn’t big but charming.  From my personal experience, I would suggest reaching there on the last day of the trip. Why you may ask? Because it’s a tough task to resist the temptation 🙂

The Cross

This cross situated on one of the Dashushen village adjacent hills, next to Stepanakert is considered the second biggest cross all over Europe.  Every inhabitant of Artsakh would suggest visiting it at nighttime due to the amazing view on Stepanakert.

The illuminating cross was placed in the memory of the soldiers who fell for the liberation and defense of Artsakh.

“The Roots”

Vazgen Sargsyan 16/38

This place appears to be a unique center. Besides having delicious meals, you can also introduce your talents here.  If you can sing, play an instrument well, or you are good at rhetoric, making funny stand-ups, or little interactive presentations, then “Roots” is just for you.  You can sign-up and have your own evening.  Here, you can also find original handmade souvenirs and soaps, and just do a good deed as a part of income is directed to charity.



Azatamartikneri 36

Is one of the most unpolitical spots, although have burgers called by the names of politicians.  Putin and Trump don’t “like” each other and “compete” here as well :D, and as a customer, I should say that I chose a political figure instead of meat.  I went to Stepanakert’s most enjoyable and filling place at midnight when it was closed.  I am so thankful that my crazy action was appreciated, so they opened the door.  I made a burger myself, we had an interesting talk and became friends.  Worth to say that I didn’t eat my burger. The guilty said that it was truly delicious. I haven’t met the person since then 😀


Stepanakert, Tevosian 2/1

An amazing place with a creative design. I always recommend all of my friends visiting and trying their tasty cotelettes.  If you came up with a decision to make a change in your life, come visit Bardak.  An unusual place where you can move to another world as soon as you enter, and it’s up to you to choose the world you want to stay in.


Pitachock is in the square of the city and has received its name after the Soviet five coins since the park has five entrances. In warmer weather, every Saturday you can enjoy the spiritual orchestra’s performance in the park.


“Papik-Tatik” or “Grandparents”

At the time, former Soviet Azerbaijan’s government took a stand against the construction and installation of the monument. Moreover, a complaint has been raised over the placement of the sculpture near the city of Stepanakert.  Nevertheless, it has been installed and is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Artsakh. Here is always a queue to take a photo.  So, you need to wait patiently or take a group photo with strangers 🙂 Did you know that the real name of the monument is “We Are Our Mountains”, but we all know it as “Grandparents”․  While getting to it, you will have a rare feeling. Our foremother and forefather will surround you with a great care and for a moment, you will feel completely safe and loved


Fraternal Grave-Memorial Complex of Freedom Fighters

Every year on May 8, Artsakh leaders and high-ranking guests put wreaths at the fraternal grave of the freedom fighters. In 1992, May 8-9, a military operation took place, and the city of Shushi got liberated.  The operation was called “Wedding in the Mountains.”  By the way, this operation has entered the modern military science and is called exactly the same “Wedding in the Mountains.” I would not only recommend visiting the memorial but will say – “It is our duty.”

That’s all, I continue walking along the streets of Stepanakert and look for places. Please share your impressions on your travel in Stepanakert in the comments section below.

Translator Norayr Manvelyan




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